Cloudstomper, AKA Zachariah Verdoorn is a DJ, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer hailing from the great city of Chicago, IL.
As an instrumentalist and singer Zachariah currently records and tours internationally with critically acclaimed blues / punk / soul group, The Claudettes.  His guitar, bass and vocal work can be heard on 2017’s award winning “Pull Closer To Me:  Live in the Piano Room”, 2018’s “Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium”, produced by Grammy winner Mark Neill (Black Keys, Los Straight Jackets), and the upcoming “High Times in the Dark” produced by multi Grammy winner Ted Hutt (Violent Femmes, Flogging Molly).

DJ sets

As a DJ,  Cloudstomper’s sets are rooted in House, Funk and Disco, but he also flows freely between almost any style, effortlessly weaving in touches of Soul, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Afro-beat, Electro Pop, Punk, Reggae and wherever else the vibe of the room takes him.   This eclectic approach has led him to booking multiple, impressively long standing residencies in well respected Chicago clubs as well as bookings around the US and Internationally.  

Searching & Searching (House Mix)


The Claudettes

The Claudettes fuse Chicago piano blues with the full-throttle energy of rockabilly and punk and the sultriness of ’60s soul to write a thrilling new chapter in American roots music.



Upcoming DJ sets

Bass and guitar lessons

Zach offers beginner to intermediate,  (and in some cases advanced) guitar and bass lessons.  Due to a busy tour schedule,   student intake is kept light but there are currently openings available. 
Zach is an incredibly diverse bass and guitar player with 30 years of experience playing in  countless bands spanning a wide range of genres including Hip Hop,  Jazz,  Funk,  Soul,  Punk,  Metal,  Indie, Alternative,  Blues and more.  In addition to his diverse teaching style,  he has performed internationally and can offer advice on travel and performing at any style and size of venue from local pubs in the suburbs to outdoor festivals in the likes of the Swiss alps.  
Lessons are $25 for a half hour and $50 for an hour.  House calls will be asked to reimburse for travel costs within reason (Inner city Chicago only). 
Email for scheduling availability or general inquiries.  


Guitar – Bass – Backing Vocals
High Times in the Dark (to be released late 2019 / early 2020).
Bass Guitar – Backing Vocals 2007-2011
CLOUDSTOMPER (Singer Songwriter vibes)
Bass – Guitar – Vocals 2012-2014
Bass – Guitar – Vocals 2009-2012
Zach toured with Oh My God, and also made an appearance as their guitarist on this album, which also features tracks by the likes of Robert Smith (The Cure), Phill Collins, Beck, Snow Patrol and more:
Guitar – Bass – Theremin – Vocals
Waterloo War Song (featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone)
Bass – Vocals 2002-2007
We are currently unearthing live recordings and organizing studio recordings.  Stay tuned.  Until then, there’s a youtube vid below of the title track from the Versificator EP.
Guitar – Vocals 1992-1995


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